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    We all tend to be prisoners of emotion more than we may wish to be. Emotions make life enjoyable and meaningful, but not if we are in an emotional rut, where a particular, most often negative, emotion takes over, and makes it hard to get out of, even temporarily. Often such negative emotions are suppressed, but still interfere with function and freedom of experience.

    Sentic Cycles allows you to experience and express all such emotions more constructively, without being overwhelmed by them. Like music, like an artistic experience, the emotion becomes an example of your own humanity: it allows you to savour that emotion as one that is shared by humanity. At the end of the Sentic Cycles session you may feel a sense of belonging, a sense of being glad to be alive.


    Sentic Cycles is a unique and simple method, an artform of touch.

    Sentic Cycles lets you generate and express your emotions in a series, as a spectrum, your emotion 'symphony', so you tend to become free from emotional rut - being stuck in one emotion - and be in touch with your real self - not overwhelmed by single emotion (yet able to savour them all as in music).

    It takes only 10 minutes to learn to do it - and then you may benefit from doing it anytime for the rest of your life - as long as human nature does not change! Anyone can do it.

    It uses only your own natural expressions of emotion to generate and to enjoy them. Using expressive pressure of a finger on a finger rest you focus on the quality of each expression, while the rest of your body becomes quiet.

    Expressing each emotion in this way a number of times (20-40 times) guided in time tends to generate that emotion. Every 3 to 4 minutes you smoothly change to the next emotion. The timing of when to start each expression is designed by the Sentic rembrandt_stormy_landscape_1.jpgCycles program, specifically for each emotion. It is provided by the "knocks" which tell you when to start an expression. This crucial design, based on the biologic nature of these emotions, ensures also that even after years of use you will not know when the next knock comes.

    Discover your own simple art of touch.

    Going through virtually the entire spectrum of emotions takes only about 25 minutes.

    Like prayer, it costs nothing to do it.

    You may feel peaceful afterward for up to 24 hours, and whatever you have to do will tend to feel more enjoyable. And over time, your real self will find ready, natural expression.

    landscape2_1.jpgDO YOU HAVE ANXIETY?

    Insofar as doing Sentic Cycles decreases anxiety it has many beneficial effects for that reason alone. Regular use can prevent anxieties from building up and frustrated feelings from being repressed for long periods. (This eliminates much source of trouble).

    Bodily symptoms related to anxiety will tend to be correspondingly relieved. Sentic Cycles are useful where there is situational anxiety as well as chronic anxiety. Note: Severely disturbed patients, however, should do them only under professional supervision.

    Note: Severely disturbed individuals under treatment from mental health professionals should do Emotion First Aid only with their knowledge and supervision.


    Sentic Cycles may be done to obtain relief from pain. Sentic Cycles may not cause the pain to disappear, but it may become considerably more bearable. Headaches, migraines, and menstrual pains may all be relieved by Sentic Cycles.


    Sentic Cycles may also be used to prevent and relieve some mild or moderate depressions. (For the more severely depressed a therapist or friend should help to make sure the person does it).


    For relieving sleep disturbance and insomnia do Sentic Cycles an sunflower2_1.jpghour or so before going to bed. Do this every night until your sleep pattern is well established. You'll find doing this particularly helpful in periods of stress.

    For those who are doing Sentic Cycles on a continuing basis, it is useful to make regular notes concerning your feelings and experiences and fantasies, about a half hour to one hour after each experience. Make notes for each emotion of the cycle, and scoring yourself from 0 to 5 on the intensity of each emotion experienced.

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